Stash Wallet Adds Support for Bitcoin Cash Address Upgrade

We're happy to announce a Stash Wallet update with support for the new Bitcoin Cash address format.

When Bitcoin Cash (BCH) split away from Bitcoin Core (BTC) last August, the address formats for the two currencies remained identical, leading to confusion for users. In response, the industry proposed a new Bitcoin Cash address format with several benefits.

To prevent Bitcoin Core from being accidentally sent to a Bitcoin Cash addresses and vice versa, the first notable change is the use of a 'bitcoincash:' prefix. The new format also uses a base32 encoding that is no longer case-sensitive and better supports feature upgrades.

Backwards Compatibility

To help business and wallets during the transition, the new format was designed to be backwards compatible. We've taken the same approach with our implementation.

For receiving payments, your updated Stash Wallet will now display the new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) format on default, with menu options to show either the legacy format or the Copay alternative with a modified version bit.

When sending payments, the app will accept each of these three formats when scanned from a QR code or pasted into the address field.


Test Bitcoin Cash has also been upgraded on Stash Wallet to utilize the new format (prefix 'bchtest:') and includes all the same backwards-compatibility and conversion features.


Shown below are the three supported formats for the same address. Remember, no matter which format is used, the money all ends up in the same place. The only difference is the appearance.

Legacy Address Format:


Copay Address Format:


New BCH Address Format:


For more information, see the FAQ page put together by Bitcoin ABC.

Haven't tried the Stash Wallet yet? Get access to our beta release for Android on the Google Play Store.

If you have questions or feedback, please send a message to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

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