Introducing Stash Wallet

Our team is proud to announce the beta MVP release of Stash Wallet.

We make it easy to use Bitcoin and other digital assets securely and privately. The initial release for Android includes four blockchains, featuring Bitcoin Core (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), with built-in encrypted messaging and a decentralized identity system.

Download Stash Wallet for free on Google Play.

No Good Options... Until Now

Until recently, a user had three basic options when looking to receive payments, each with their own drawbacks:

Option 1

Share a standard deposit address to be re-used for multiple payments.

  • Lack of financial privacy: anyone with this address can see the user's entire payment history.
  • Third-party blockchain analysis can potentially determine the origin and destination of funds.
  • A recipient cannot verifiably identify the source of payments without additional correspondence.
  • A different deposit address is necessary for each cryptocurrency accepted.

Option 2

Provide a unique deposit address for every payment.

  • Unexpected behavior for new users and lots of inconvenient hassles
  • Difficult, if not impossible, to receive unsolicited donations or refunds.
  • Sensitive correspondence must occur over potentially insecure communication channels.

Option 3

Trust a third-party to take care of these problems on the user's behalf.

  • Risk of financial losses if the trusted company fails to safeguard the deposits.
  • Loss of privacy: Each transaction is logged and possibly monitored by system administrators.
  • Censorship potential: payments can be selectively blocked and accounts suspended.

Stash has the answer. Ease-of-use no longer needs to come at the expense of privacy and independence.


A Better Bitcoin Address

Simply share your personal Paycode ID with anyone in the world to privately transact cryptocurrency over secure, on-blockchain payment channels.

It works exactly the way new users expect: like an email address for money.


We developed this innovative technology as an open standard because we believe it will ultimately change how every blockchain-based transaction is made.

This same standard is also used to support a decentralized identity system and encrypted messaging, all seamlessly integrated with payments, right in the app.

It may not seem like much at first, but simply seeing a name attached to an incoming payment, and being able to immediately send a message back is a big leap forward.

Behind the Tech

Our system works by allowing users to cryptographically generate private, bi-directional payment channels. All transactions are peer-to-peer over the blockchain. No trusted third-parties involved.

Stash's lead architect, Justus Ranvier, invented this technique in 2015 and formally published the specification as BIP47.


Below is a short explanation of what's happening behind scenes:

  1. The sender gives the recipient his paycode attached to a one-time notification transaction.
  2. Both parties independently generate the same shared secret using a Diffie-Hellman algorithm.
  3. The sender uses this secret to generate a legacy deposit address to make a payment.
  4. The recipient is also able to generate the same address in addition to the private key.
  5. This process repeats for subsequent payments and works both ways.

This process allows both parties to see the full transaction history between one another, but payments are completely opaque to third party blockchain observers. The system can be adapted for any other blockchain without any core protocol changes and we're already working on expanding support for even more digital assets.

Encrypted messaging and a decentralized identity system is also available thanks to our integration with Open-Transactions. This powerful financial crypto-system invented by our co-founder and CTO, Chris Odom, includes an open protocol for universal identity credentials and utilizes the same shared secret generated for payment channels to encrypt messages between users.

For us, this is just the beginning.

On the Horizon

While Stash Wallet is in beta, we'll be working hard to improve the features and performance of the app. Look out for enhancements to our identity system, and support for more digital assets. Expect us to ship updates frequently.

As our development team grows, we'll expand Stash Wallet access to Apple users with iOS devices.

In the meantime, please let us know if you have any issues, design suggestions, or feedback as we strive to build a better product.

Ultimately, it's our belief that the same market forces behind Bitcoin’s rise will completely transform the remaining layers of finance. One step at a time, we're building the infrastructure to get there.

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